1969-11-27 [Thu]

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John Dawson - acoustic guitar, vocals
Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar
Mickey Hart - drums
David Nelson - electric guitar
Guest Musicians
unidentified-19691022-01 (complete show) - bass

Free City Puppet Bash
Also Appearing
Lamb, Cleveland Wrecking Company, Deacon & The Suprelles [Music], Pitschell Players, East Bay Sharks, Morning Glory Theater, Rapphael Garratt Circus, [Theater] Newsreal, and Punch by The Free City Puppets
Holy See
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  • BT "Puppet Bash w. Jerry Garcia & the New Riders of the Purple Sage". "In honor of puppetteer Bill Lindyn & the Free City Puppets". Gleason calls them "Jerry Garcia and the Purple Sagers". SFE day-of gives "Jerry Garcia and the New Riders of the Old Purple Sage". Benefit for Free City Puppets, per SFE listing.
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