1969-11-19 [Wed]

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John Dawson - acoustic guitar, vocals
Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar
Mickey Hart - drums
David Nelson - electric guitar
Bob Matthews - bass
Family Dog Benefit
Also Appearing
Humble, Mumble, Fumble & Dumble, Steve Miller Band, and Barry McGuire
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  • Family Dog Benefit; originally advertised for Winterland
  • Humble, Mumble, Fumble & Dumble were Big Brother and The Holding Company (Nick Gravenites and Dave Shallock were also in the band at this point).
  • ad: Berkeley Tribe, November 14, 1969, p. 23
  • preview: Elwood 19691119
  • listing: San Francisco Chronicle, November 19, 1969, p. 48
  • lostlivedead: Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia Tour Itinerary November 1969
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