1969-07-07 [Mon]

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Jerry Garcia - electric guitar
Duane Allman - electric guitar
Dickey Betts - electric guitar
Harold Kelling
Glen Phillips
Delaney Bramlett
Terry Kath
Randy California
Also Appearing
Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, Hampton Grease Band, Spirit, Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, and Chicago Transit Authority
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  • Jam. From The Trip Project website: "Big horn section, background singers, eight drummers, a bass quintet, and Harold Kelling, Glenn Phillips, Duane Allman and Dickie Betts, Delaney Bramlett, Chicago’s guitarist, Randy California, and Jerry Garcia trading and interlacing lead lines. This was a two-hour shakedown song before they settled into 'Dark Star' experimentation. This became a rock symphony full of the once and future hits of all concerned. About 3:30 AM Jerry’s guys shifted to their closing song. Coda after coda rang into the darkness of Atlanta’s late July night stillness."
  • writing of attendee Patrick Edmondson A Bus Stops in Piedmont Park July 7, 1969 and photos
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