1969-05-27 [Tue] studio

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Grace Slick - piano, vocals
Paul Kantner - electric guitar
Spencer Dryden - drums
Jorma Kaukonen - electric guitar
Marty Balin - vocals
Jack Casady - electric bass
Guest Musicians
Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar

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Eskimo Blue Day
The Farm
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  • The union paperwork lists Slick, Kantner, Dryden, Jorma and Garcia, working on "Eskimo Blue Day". Whatever Jerry might have laid down for that, it seems his part didn't make it onto the album, as only his pedal steel work on "The Farm" gets a Volunteers credit. In terms of "The Farm", we don't know when Jerry did his part. The expanded CD release dates the track to 4/16/69, but that is too early for Jerry to have played steel on it, he was between Omaha and St. Louis that date, and in any case it's our understanding that he overdubbed his part after the main track was already done. We will include it here, along with the other core Jeffersons (Marty and Jack), as it's the only date we know for him working on Volunteers.
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