1969-05-03 [Sat]

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Jerry Garcia - electric guitar (lead), vocals
Bob Weir - electric guitar (rhythm), vocals
Phil Lesh - electric bass, vocals
Ron McKernan - organ, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann - drums, perc
Mickey Hart - drums, perc
Tom Constanten - keyboards
[1] This song is on the Vault master tape (per deadessays Deadbase Corrections)
Average Song Gap
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Morning Dew Jerry Garcia 2 4
Turn On Your Lovelight Ron McKernan 2 1
It's All Over Now Baby Blue Jerry Garcia 3 1
Beat It On Down The Line
  • This song is on the Vault master tape (per deadessays Deadbase Corrections)
  • Bob Weir 6 17
    Sierra College Pop Festival
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  • As per Corry Arnold citing the local Placer Herald, "the original posters pitched a two-day festival (May 3-4) with the Dead, the Youngbloods and a bunch of acts on Mercury Records. It was reduced to a one-day event, daytime on the football field and night-time at the gym. The Dead had to have played outdoors in the afternoon (they had Winterland that night), not clear whether the Youngbloods played the football field or the gym, I think the former."
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