1969-03-23 [Sun] canceled

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Jerry Garcia
Bill Kreutzmann
Bob Weir
Phil Lesh
Ron McKernan
Mickey Hart
Tom Constanten
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  • ROG to CXL: "There used to be a poster for this on sixtiesposters.com but it is no longer accessible. It was lot number 2458850 and went for $4476.78 in their February 2012 auction, the poster was yellow with a b/w photo of Jean Harlow and the bill was The Mothers Of Invention, Greatful Dead, Lamb and Mint Tattoo. The show did not happen and the Mothers played on 1969-04-19 instead, supported by Alice Cooper and the Guess Who. What is weird is that the day before, Saturday 1969-03-22, the Dead and the Mothers had both played guest sets at Thee Experience in Los Angeles as discovered by lostlivedead. Is that just a weird coincidence that the planned line-up for the 23rd in Seattle actually took place unscheduled the night before in LA? Involving two acts who weren't fond of each other."
  • lostlivedead comment regarding poster for this date