1969-01-12 [Sun]

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Joe McDonald - electric guitar, vocals
Barry Melton - electric guitar
David Cohen - electric guitar, keyboards
Chicken Hirsh - drums
Jack Casady - electric bass
David Getz - drums, keyboards
Guest Musicians
Jerry Garcia - guitar
Mickey Hart - drums
Jorma Kaukonen - guitar
Steve Miller - harmonica, guitar

Partial Show:
Donovan's Reef

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Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Donovan's Reef Joe McDonald
Also Appearing
Led Zeppelin and Taj Mahal
Brotherhood Of Light
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  • official: Country Joe and the Fish and Friends: Live at the Fillmore West 1969 (Vanguard 139/40, 1996).
  • Live Fillmore West at deaddisc.com
  • hooterollin: Fillmore West, January 12, 1969: Country Joe And The Fish And Their Friends (Plus Opening Acts)
  • As per Ross, "The final show of this run was on January 12 and planned as the final performance of Country Joe and The Fish. There was a transitional version of the band at this time featuring Country Joe, Barry Melton, David Cohen, Jack Cassady and Chicken Hirsch) and for the final performance guests sat in - David Getz (several songs), Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, Jorma Kaukonen and Steve Miller (all on the lengthy "Donovan's Reef Jam" that concluded the show). "
  • Historical
  • The New York Jets of the American Football League defeat the Baltimore Colts of the National Football League to win Super Bowl III in what is considered to be one of the greatest upsets in sports history.
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