1968-09-20 [Fri]

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Jerry Garcia - electric guitar (lead), vocals
Bob Weir - electric guitar (rhythm), vocals
Phil Lesh - electric bass, vocals
Ron McKernan - organ, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann - drums, perc
Mickey Hart - drums, perc
Guest Musicians
Vince Delgado (partial show) - percussion
Shankar Ghosh (partial show) - percussion

[1] Includes William Tell Bridge.
[2] with Vince Delgado on percussion and Shankar Ghosh on percussion
Average Song Gap
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl > Ron McKernan 2 1
Feedback Instrumental 1 1
Saint Stephen >
  • Includes William Tell Bridge.
  • Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia 1 3
    The Eleven Bob Weir, Jerry Garcia, and... 1 3
  • with Vince Delgado on percussion and Shankar Ghosh on percussion
  • Instrumental 1 3
    Ali Akbar College of Music Benefit
    Also Appearing
    Ace of Cups and Steve Miller
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  • Corry 2016: "The Ali Akbar College Of Music was established in Oakland in 1967. Mickey Hart started studying at the school with tabla master Shankar Gosh in 1968, taking what he learned in the school back to Bill Kreutzmann and hence to the Grateful Dead. The College was based in a house in the Oakland hills, at 6024 Ascot Drive. The school outgrew the house however, and thanks to the timely intervention of Rhoney Stanley, the lease was taken over by Owsley Stanley, and the house passed into Grateful Dead legend. At different times, Owsley and Rhoney's roommates included Bob Weir, Bob Thomas, Bob Matthews, Ramrod and Betty Cantor. In return for letting Owsley and Rhoney take over the lease on 6024 Ascot, Alla Rakha got Rhoney to arrange for his drumming students, including Mickey, to take part in a Grateful Dead concert. True to her word, Rhoney arranged for a special drumming session at the Berkeley Community Theater on September 20, 1968, when Gosh and Vince Delgado joined Mickey and Bill for some high-end percussion."
  • deadsources: September 20, 1968: Berkeley Community Theater
  • Rhoney narrates some of this: the Ali Akbar Khan School of Music, was "situated in a beautiful Spanish-style multilevel house with arts-and-crafts detailing in the secluded hills of Oakland, southeast of Berkeley." Just up from the Claremont, and Bear moved in there. The 9/20/68 opening for Vince Delgado, administrative director of the School, was the price paid to get the house: "If Vince could realize his dream, he would turn over the lease to Bear. Nobody else would get a shot at the house."
  • lostlivedead: May 30 1975, Marx Meadows, Golden Gate Park: Jefferson Starship/Diga Rhythm Band (Jerry and Owsley Fin De Seicle?)
  • deadessays: 1968 Show List
  • ref: Stanley 2013, 167-168;
  • Historical
  • Hawaii Five-O debuts on CBS, and eventually becomes the longest-running crime show in television history, until Law & Order overtakes it in 2003.
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