1968-06-04 [Tue]

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Elvin Bishop - electric guitar
Barry Melton
Tim Davis
Lonnie Turner
Steve Miller
Guest Musicians
Jerry Garcia - electric guitar

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  • "Tuesday Night Jam". "Benefit Tuesday". "Jam" - Jerry Garcia, Elvin Bishop, Barry Melton, Tim Davis, Lonnie Turner, Steve Miller, Fred Walk, Dino, Marcus Magnificent Malone, plus others.
  • exante: Gleason 19680603, forecasting "a covey of guitar players"
  • expost: Gleason 19680607: "At midnight Tuesday night it was a beautiful scene at the Carousel Ballroom. People came in off the street with late election news and inside there was a long jam session going on with all kinds of guitar players and saxophones and rhythm men and on the floor there was more dancing than I've seen anywhere in months. Throughout the ballroom an outstanding feature was the peacefulness and the joy as a wondrous assortment of people relaxed. There were Hells Angels and hippies, many black people and many men long-hair youth [sic]. It seemed for a moment like the hope of the future. And then I went outside, got into the car and punched the radio button only to hear a voice saying 'When Senator Kennedy was shot tonight ...' and the terrible real world came crashing in on me again." At the end of the next night, a "man slowly died, and this terrible feeling came on again, the feeling of doom I had lost in the Carousel the night before, and the country seemed fated to keep spinning out of control down some grim spiral to madness." Wow.
  • JGMF: 'Strung Between Dreams and Reality': June 4, 1968, Carousel Ballroom
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