1968-02-15 [Thu]

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Jerry Garcia - electric guitar
Bob Weir - electric bass
Jack Casady - electric bass
Nick Gravenites
Mickey Hart - drums
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  • JABase (Abbott 2007): "With various members of the Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, and CJF". Hannan: "There is plenty of evidence supporting the February 15 date: (a) a mention at the end of the February 14 Valentine‚Äôs Day show at the Carousel that both bands would be playing for free outside San Quentin the following afternoon; (b) contemporary reports regarding the performances (c) photographs of the performers; (d) memories of a number of the performers; (e) and not least, Country Joe and The Fish were in New York on March 7. On the basis of this evidence, I am very confident that the March 7 date is incorrect and the February 15 is correct." Membership is unclear. Arnold, 1: "The February 16, 1968 article identifies the Grateful Dead, but I think it may not have been all of them. Don't we have an account from Jef Jaisun (Phoenix bassist)? I think it was an ongoing jam session with various players cycling in and out, and I think Jerry Garcia and Jack Casady were both there." Dister says Phil was absent, and Bob Weir played bass!"
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  • lostlivedead: The Grateful Dead San Quentin Performances: A Theory
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