1967-01-19 [Thu] canceled

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Jerry Garcia
Bill Kreutzmann
Bob Weir
Phil Lesh
Ron McKernan
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  • LIA, comment to JGMF CXL page, points to Yellow Shark: "On January 19, 1967 the Grateful Dead were scheduled but did not play Upper Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley in a rally protesting proposed UC Berkeley fee increase. The Loading Zone did perform." LIA quotes Stanford Daily: "Students at UC Berkeley are planning a vigil today to coincide with a meeting on the Berkeley campus of the California Board of Regents. The vigil is scheduled to begin at about 9:30 this morning across the street from University Hall, where the Regents are expected to discuss Governor Ronald Reagan’s proposals to cut the University’s budget and charge tuition. Two rock and roll bands, the Grateful Dead and the Loading Zone, have volunteered to entertain the vigilers while the Regents are meeting. The Berkeley Police Department has given unofficial notice that the bands and the vigilers will not be interfered with so long as order is maintained."
  • ref: "Cal Students Plan Vigil of Reagan-Board Meet," Stanford Daily 1/19/67, via LIA comment to JGMF CXL page.
  • lostlivedead: January 20, 1967 Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA: Timothy Leary with The Grateful Dead (comment Yellow Shark)