1966-05-07 [Sat]

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Bill Kreutzmann's 19th birthday
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Jerry Garcia - electric guitar (lead), vocals
Bob Weir - electric guitar (rhythm), vocals
Phil Lesh - electric bass, vocals
Ron McKernan - organ, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann - drums, perc
Partial Show:
Midnight Hour

Average Song Gap
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Midnight Hour Ron McKernan 1 5
Peace Rock 3
Also Appearing
Great Society, Charlatans, and Billy Moses Blues Band
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  • MC:"Russ the Moose" Syracuse according to DeadEssays blog site
  • gratefulseconds: Two More Saturday Nights: May 1966 in Berkeley
  • Historical
  • The Rolling Stones release "Paint It, Black" in the US (May 13 in the UK); this becomes the first number one hit single in the US and UK to feature a sitar (played by Brian Jones).
  • The Mamas and the Papas started a three week run at No. 1 on the U.S. singles chart with Monday Monday. The band members reportedly said they all hated the song, except for its writer John Phillips.
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    9:00 PM