1965-12-10 [Fri]

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Jerry Garcia - electric guitar (lead), vocals
Bob Weir - electric guitar (rhythm), vocals
Phil Lesh - electric bass, vocals
Ron McKernan - organ, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann - drums, perc
San Francisco Mime Troupe Appeal 2
Also Appearing
Jefferson Airplane, Great Society, Mystery Trend, Gentlemen’s Band, VIPs, and others
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  • Mime Troupe Benefit - Appeal II, for Continued Artistic Freedom in the Arts.
  • GD possibly billed as Warlocks.
  • lostlivedead: North To San Francisco: The Warlocks in The South Bay, 1965
  • Ralph J. Gleason, "On the Town: Lesson For S.F. In The Mime Benefit," San Francisco Chronicle, December 13, 1965, via deadsources
  • According to DeadEssays blog John Handy Quintet billed but didn't show
  • hooterollin: Grateful Dead Performance List December 1965-June 1966
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